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About Us

Each bread is hand-made using traditional method. Traditional method means a specific process which includes: using two-days' time to create base for the bread dough, which is then added to the flour mix. This creates unique taste and smell of the breads. 

"Traditional hand-made bread is a piece of art coming from a heart."

Milan Kurinsky - Mili Bakery

Mr. Baker Milan Kurinsky is a Certified Baker since 1984, born in Czechoslovakia, lived in Israel, England and immigrated to Canada in 2009. Baking breads using traditional methods, that I learnt in Slovakia, is my passion that follows me all my life same like my wife. I enjoy working with flour and transforming it into something that nurtures people of Yellowknife and visitors since 2014. 

During 2009-2014 while living in Manitoba, Milan regularly baked his breads for the Canadian Czech-Slovak Benevolent Association (CCBA), and in April 2013 his breads were served during 100'th anniversary of the CCBA, and offered to guests as a part of the 'welcoming ceremony' which was attended by Canadian and provincial government officials including Canadian Lieutenant Governor in Manitoba The Honourable Philip S. Lee. 

Bread and salt represents in Slovak culture the beginning of a friendship. Serving bread and salt exists for centuries as a long cherished tradition in Slovak culture and it is a symbol of welcoming ceremony. As a sign of hospitality, when guests arrive, they are given a loaf of bread placed on a "ručník" embroidered towel with a salt served in a small dish plate. The guests take a piece of the bread, take pinch of salt to sprinkle it on top and eat - this signals that a friendship has been forged between the two parties. Since ancient times an old belief is that if the worst of enemies share bread and salt, they will reconcile. 

When Mili Bakery is closed, you will find Milan fishing and hunting in NWT countryside throughout the year, no matter what weather season is outside.

Baking bread...

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